Friday, August 18, 2017

UK: Gert to bring local downpours late Sunday into Monday

By Jordan Root, AccuWeather meteorologist
By Eric Leister, AccuWeather meteorologist
August 18,2017, 9:50:01AM,EDT
A bout of locally heavy rain will impact northern and western areas of the United Kingdom late Sunday into Monday as moisture from Gert crosses the British Isles.
Gert will continue to lose tropical characteristics as it travels over the colder waters of the North Atlantic and merges with another area of low pressure.
The combination of these two storm systems will yield a soaking rainfall but a limited wind threat.
UK 8/18

Despite Gert being a former hurricane, it will have lost its punch prior to reaching the U.K. preventing any widespread wind threat.
The biggest concern will be bouts of rain that will reach Northern Ireland late Sunday and then spread farther east to Scotland and Northern England Monday. The influx of tropical moisture from Gert will bring the threat for localized flooding downpours.
Motorists will need to use caution and be on the lookout for standing water on roadways. In some cases, finding an alternative route may be necessary.
Rainfall will generally be less than 25 mm (1 inch); however, a narrow band of heavier rainfall could result in localised amounts over 50 mm (2.00 inches).
While the rain will not be heavy everywhere, it can still lead to poor visibility and travel delays. Those heading out will want to grab their brollies.
Some showers may linger into Tuesday but no further disruption to travel is expected.
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It will be a different story for Southern England and Wales as impacts from Gert will remain farther north through Monday.
Temperatures on Monday will likely reach at least 25 C (77 F) in Greater London and perhaps approach 27 C (80 F) in some locations.
The warmth will linger across southern England on Tuesday with similar temperatures and continued dry weather.

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