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Weather History
For Saturday,April 19,2014
1775 - The first engagement of the Revolutionary War took place under clear crisp weather at Lexington-Concord. (Sandra and TI Richard Sanders - 1987)
1941 - The temperature at Sodus, NY, soared to 95 degrees. The next day Albany, NY, reported a record for April of 93 degrees. (The Weather Channel)
1973 - Glenrock, WY, received 41 inches of snow in just 24 hours, and a storm total of 58 inches, to establish two state records. (18th-20th) (David Ludlum) (The Weather Channel)
1976 - The northeastern U.S. was in the midst of an early season heat wave, and the Boston Marathon took place in 90 degree heat. At Providence RI the mercury hit 98 degrees. (David Ludlum)
1987 - Forty cities in the central U.S. reported new record high temperatures for the date as readings soared into the 80s and lower 90s for Easter Sunday. Fort Smith AR reported a record high of 95 degrees. (The National Weather Summary)
1988 - Severe thunderstorms over the southeastern U.S. early in the day spawned a strong (F-3) tornado which destroyed seventeen homes and severely damaged thirty houses near Madison FL killing four persons and injuring eighteen others. (Storm Data) (The National Weather Summary)
1989 - A dozen cities in the southwestern U.S. reported new record high temperatures for the date. The afternoon high of 98 degrees at Hanksville UT equalled their record for April. Tucson AZ reported their earliest 100 degree reading of record. (The National Weather Summary)
1990 - Five cities in the northeastern U.S. reported record low temperatures for the date as readings dipped into the 20s and upper teens. Elkins WV reported a record low of 20 degrees. Thunderstorms over the Southern Plains produced golf ball size hail at San Angelo TX, and up to four inches of rain in southwestern Oklahoma. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)
1996 - One of the most memorable tornado outbreaks in Illinois history occurred on April 19, 1996. During the day, 33 tornadoes were reported as supercells erupted and moved across the state during the afternoon and evening hours. Wind estimates in excess of 170 mph were associated with some of the stronger tornadoes, one of which ripped through nearby Ogden, IL. (University of Illinois WW2010)

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Weather History
For Friday,April 18,2014
1880 - More than two dozen tornadoes were reported from Kansas and Arkansas to Wisconsin and Michigan. More than 100 persons were killed, including 65 persons at Marshfield MO. (David Ludlum)
1906 - A severe earthquake shook San Francisco, and unusual easterly winds spread fires destroying the city. (David Ludlum)
1944 - California experienced its worst hailstorm of record. Damage mounted to two million dollars as two consecutive storms devastated the Sacramento Valley destroying the fruit crop. (The Weather Channel)
1957 - A dust devil near Dracut MA lifted a small child three feet into the air, and rolled two other children on the ground. Fortunately none of the three were hurt. The dust devil was accompanied by a loud whistling sound as it moved westward. (The Weather Channel)
1970 - Rapid City, SD, received a record 22 inches of snow in 24 hours. (17th-18th) (The Weather Channel)
1987 - Thirty-one cities in the central U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date, including International Falls MN with a reading of 88 degrees, and Bismarck ND with a high of 92 degrees. A sharp cold front produced high winds in the western U.S. Winds in Utah gusted to 99 mph at the Park City Angle Station, and capsized a boat on Utah Lake drowning four persons. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)
1988 - Afternoon and evening thunderstorms produced large hail and damaging winds in the southeastern U.S. A strong (F-2) tornado severely damaged seventeen mobile homes near Bainbridge GA injuring three persons. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)
1989 - Thunderstorms produced large hail and damaging winds in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. A thunderstorm in Pecos County of southwest Texas produced wind gusts to 90 mph at Imperial. (Storm Data) (The National Weather Summary)
1990 - Heavy snow blanketed the west central valleys and southwest mountains of Colorado with up to 18 inches of snow. Nine cities from the Mid Mississippi Valley to the Middle Atlantic Coast Region reported record low temperatures for the date, including Fort Wayne IND with a reading of 23 degrees. (The National Weather Summary) (Storm Data)

US Easter Sunday Weather: Plains Face Most Disruptions

By , Senior Meteorologist
April 18,2014; 9:19PM,EDT
Throughout the United States, the greatest potential for the weather to disrupt outdoor plans and festivities on Easter Sunday exists across the Plains.
The nation will get a breather from extreme weather Easter Sunday with no major winter storm or severe weather outbreak in the works.
However, the central and southern Plains may still face disruptions to Easter egg hunts, sunrise services and other outdoor activities on Sunday with showers and thunderstorms set to erupt.
The afternoon hours will likely prove to be the most active time of the day.
The storminess will rattle Des Moines, Iowa; Omaha and Grand Island, Neb.; Dodge City and Wichita, Kan.; Oklahoma City and Amarillo, Abilene and San Antonio, Texas.

Showers will also stretch northeastward to central Wisconsin and the northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan.
Showers and thunderstorms will be most numerous west of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. However, a stray shower or thunderstorm will still cross the Metroplex on Sunday afternoon and could interfere with the baseball game between the Texas Rangers and Chicago White Sox at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas.
While a major outbreak of severe weather will not unfold, there is concern for some of the strongest thunderstorms from southern Kansas to western Texas to turn severe with damaging winds, hail and flooding downpours.

The danger of lightning strikes will be much greater. Residents and visitors should seek shelter immediately once thunder is heard; you are then close enough to be struck by lightning.
Isolated thunderstorms will also dot the mountains of the Four Corners region (minus Arizona) and eastern Nevada Sunday afternoon. Rainfall may be limited with these thunderstorms; the same cannot be said for lightning.
Where snow is not covering the ground and tinder dry vegetation exists, the lightning may touch off a few wildfires.
Forecast Temperature Maps Severe Weather Center
Five Unique Easter Celebrations From Around the World

Aside from a couple of showers in northern Montana and a bit of rain in western Washington (west of Seattle), dry weather will dominate the rest of the West.
A cool morning across the Northwest will give way to comfortable afternoon temperatures. Away from the California coast, the air will be quite warm for Easter Sunday in the Southwest. Highs in the lower 90s will sizzle Phoenix, Ariz.
A dry Easter Sunday is also shaping up for most of the eastern third of the nation, allowing Easter festivities to go as scheduled.
The Southeast coast will be the exception as some rain, clouds and brisk winds from a stubborn storm linger.
Places farther inland in the Southeast--such as Atlanta, Ga., and Charlotte and Raleigh, N.C.--will see the return of some sunshine and a rebound in temperatures.
Temperatures will also exceed Saturday's highs throughout most of the Midwest and Northeast. Subfreezing temperatures to start the day, however, will have many from northern Pennsylvania to northern New England reaching for heavier jackets before heading to sunrise services.
Sunday's rise in temperatures does not apply to the Northeast's I-95 corridor. The return of air flowing in from the cold ocean will put a halt on the warming experienced on Saturday.


Heavy Rain, Flooding Spreads Across Southeast

By Brian Lada, Meteorologist
April 18,2014; 9:18PM,EDT
A low pressure system has begun to spread heavy rain over parts of the Southeast, bringing the risk of flooding to the area.
Folks with outdoor plans will need their umbrellas and raincoats as this steady, soaking rain spreads over the area through Saturday.
Slower traffic can be expected for motorists, including those traveling along the I-10, I-95 and I-75 corridors. Airline passengers should prepare for possible flight delays.
Stronger thunderstorms will also bring the threat of severe weather to the Florida Peninsula through Friday night.

With several inches of rain on the way, flooding can turn into a major problem given the rain that has recently fallen across the region. As of late Friday evening, flooding was reported across Walton County, Fla. and throughout Alabama.
Heavy rain totaling 5.25 inches was reported in Milton, Fla., along with 5.17 inches in Florala, Ala. by 7 p.m. EDT, according to NWS observations.
With more rain in store for the same area, streams and rivers still running above normal will likely rise due to the new influx of water.
Southeast Weather Radar
Experts Scrutinize US Power Grid's Vulnerability to Severe Weather
Frank Strait's Southern Weather Blog

If you come across a road with water flowing over it due to flooding, you should try and find a new route to your destination rather than attempting to drive through the water.
The flowing water may turn out to be deeper than it appears and can be powerful enough to lift and move your vehicle.
Officials have already been forced to close numerous roads in the western Florida Panhandle and neighboring parts of Alabama.

Cooler weather also accompanied the storm with temperatures more than 10 degrees below normal through Friday.
This cooler weather is expected to carry over into Saturday where the rain persists with the lowest temperatures focusing from North Carolina to central Georgia.
Drier conditions are in store for Easter Sunday across much of the Southeast and continue into the start of next week, giving residents a break from the rain.
The only exception to the dry forecast for Easter Sunday will be along the Southeast coast as clouds and some rain linger.

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High pressure that is in control of our weather saves us from heavy rain. Just a lot of clouds. #Delmarvawx
@NickFerran weather wise! Gale force winds, torrential rain & heavy flooding ... Chocolate seems a safe bet today.
Apr 17

Deadliest Avalanche in Everest History Kills 12

By Kristen Rodman, Staff Writer
April 18,2014; 9:17PM,EDT
See larger image below.
At least 12 are dead and three are still missing after an avalanche cascaded down a climbing route on Mount Everest early Friday morning.
All of the deceased were Nepalese guides prepping ropes for climbers near Camp 2 on the mountain, according to the Associated Press.
Camp 2 is positioned at 21,000 feet, but the freezing level at the time of the avalanche was just above the base camp, Meteorologist Courtney Spamer said.
"With the freezing level below the avalanche point, it was still freezing where the avalanche occurred so the surface warmth likely did not cause the avalanche in this case," Spamer said.
With the freezing level rising at this time of year, avalanches are more likely during this time period. However, at the time of the avalanche there was some fog in the area but winds were calm.
"Usually what contributes to avalanches are unstable layers of snow, usually a bottom layer that has been melted some and then refrozen with a fresh snowpack coming on top of it," Western Weather Expert Ken Clark said. "Think of the bottom layer being like a teflon pan and the top layer your eggs."
In this Oct. 27, 2011 file photo, the last light of the day sets on Mount Everest as it rises behind Mount Nuptse as seen from Tengboche, in the Himalaya's Khumbu region, Nepal. (AP Photo/Kevin Frayer, File)
With the official climbing season beginning next month, hundreds of climbers have already gathered at base camp to prepare for the 29,035-foot trek, AP stated. Those at the base camp rushed to help after the avalanche subsided.
WATCH: Team Drops Bomb to Trigger Controlled Avalanches
AccuWeather Winter Weather Center
Nepal Weather

As the search continues for the three sherpas still missing, this event will become the deadliest single avalanche to date. The only other year with more deaths was in 1996 when 15 people died on the mountain, but those deaths were over the course of the entire climbing season, according to Everest In 1996, eight people died in one avalanche event, but the others were spread out through the season.
Every year people die attempting to climb the world's highest mountain, as of May 2013 approximately 240 people in total have died on the mountain, according to the History channel.
Earlier in the year, Nepal announced that dispatch officials and security personnel would be stationed at the base camp throughout the spring climbing season to aid in speeding up rescue operations.

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Saturday's TKP:15 killed in deadliest Everest avalanche; House resumes; Norway: Action to be taken if charges serious
Subas Pokharel
Avalanche swept away climbing parties at 5,800 meters, at Camp II of the world’s tallest mountain on Friday morning. #EverestAvalanche

Showery Easter Weekend Across Europe

By Courtney Spamer, Meteorologist
April 18,2014; 9:16PM,EDT
Persistent showers across much of Europe for Good Friday through this weekend will make for a soggy day or two through the Easter holiday being celebrated across the continent.
Two disturbances will be providing just enough moisture to bring clouds and some showers this weekend.
The larger system starting around southeastern Europe on Good Friday will bring showers from Greece and Bulgaria to Hungary and Romania throughout the day. Saturday, these showers will expand farther north, bringing rain drops for Ukraine and Poland.
Most areas are not expected to get heavy rain with this system, but higher terrain could receive about an inch before Sunday morning.
Volker Kraft fixes an egg at an apple tree decorated with about 10,000 painted Easter eggs in their garden in Saalfeld, central Germany, Wednesday, April 9, 2014. The Kraft family has decorated their tree for Easter for more than 40 years. (AP Photo/Jens Meyer)
The second system dipping into Europe will extend showers from Scandinavia into Germany, Switzerland and Austria through Friday night. Most of the rain Saturday, however, will reach into Switzerland, southeastern France and the majority of Italy.
A weak low pressure area will be pushing onshore in Portugal and Spain Saturday afternoon, bringing showers through most of the day on Easter Sunday. This could dampen the city of Seville, Spain, where the processions de Semana Santa have been taking place all week.
Five Unique Easter Celebrations Around the World Italy Weather Homepage
AccuWeather's Germany Weather Radar

Intermittent showers will also stretch from Wales, southern England and France back to Poland, Ukraine, Greece and northern Italy.
This does mean, however, that after two days of rain, the city of Rome will be drying out around dawn Easter morning. Clouds are still expected to continue through the morning Sunday, but sunshine will be breaking through for the afternoon.
Pope Francis greets faithful as he arrives at the Don Gnocchi Foundation Center in Rome on Holy Thursday, April 17, 2014. This pre-Easter ritual is designed to show his willingness to serve like a "slave." (AP Photo/Riccardo De Luca)
In total, the amount of rain in most locations on Sunday will stay near 15 mm (or about 0.6 of an inch) or less, but it will be enough to cause nuisance to outdoor activities and ceremonies throughout the day.
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In classic Bank Holiday weekend style, say goodbye to our recent good weather: risk of shower today, cloudy overnight, rain by tomorrow...
The Easter holiday weekend is looking good with warmer temperatures and rain holding off until Sunday
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A good weekend Easter film,Anton Fuqua's #KingArthur,like Vikings u get a great look at PreChristian Europe rustic elements forming Holiday.

Pittsburgh to Turn Even Warmer on Easter Sunday

April 18,2014; 9:12PM,EDT
While Pittsburgh will start the weekend on a mild note, even warmer air is expected for Easter Sunday.
Rain will remain absent from Pittsburgh through Easter weekend, allowing Easter egg hunts and other festivities to go on as planned.
Baseball fans will not have to worry about the Pirates' series between the Milwaukee Brewers being disrupted by the weather.
Saturday will feature a near repeat of Friday's high before the arrival of even warmer air boosts temperatures to the lower 70s on Easter Sunday.

Residents and visitors will still want to wear jackets to Easter sunrise services with temperatures set to drop into the 30s early Sunday morning.
Detailed Pittsburgh Forecast
Pittsburgh Interactive Weather Radar
Forecast Temperature Maps

The warmth will continue through Monday before a cold front and its showers cause temperatures to turn progressively cooler Tuesday through Wednesday.

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Breaking: Rain Spreads Across the South
Heavy rain is moving into Tampa and strong storms could impact Miami later today.
Cory Mottice
A M6.8 #earthquake just occurred 46 miles southwest of Arawa, Papua New Guinea.

2014 Boston Marathon: Comfortable Weather in Store

By Michael Kuhne, Staff Writer
April 18,2014; 9:10PM,EDT
Residents and visitors stop to take a photo of the "Boston Strong" billboard, set up one block from the finish line. (Photo/Megan Hetzel)
Dry weather from Easter weekend will hold through Monday in Boston for Patriots' Day and the 118th annual Boston Marathon.
Some clouds will filter across the Boston area on Monday, but the rain-free weather from this weekend will persist.
The chill from late this week will be gone with temperatures expected to rise to a high of 60 F. Similar temperatures are in store for Saturday with a brief cooldown to follow on Easter Sunday.
Winds on Monday will blow from the south at 8-15 mph.
Qualified 2014 Boston Marathon runner Megan Hetzel said she was enjoying her return to Boston after competing in the 2013 event.
First Responders to Run Boston Strong This Year
Ten Tips For Running in the Cold
AccuWeather Boston Running Forecast

"I think everyone is excited to have a good race and officially put last year behind us," Hetzel said.
Hetzel has been running for 12 years and has competed in five different marathons. In 2013, she qualified to compete in the Boston Marathon.
The event began in 1897 and is one of the oldest marathons in U.S. history.

"Since its inception, the Boston Marathon has been held on the holiday commemorating Patriots' Day," according to the official marathon website. "From 1897-1968, the Boston Marathon was held on April 19, unless the 19th fell on a Sunday. Since 1969, the holiday has been officially recognized on the third Monday in April."
"Boston is the race that everyone wants to run," Hetzel said. "It's the Super Bowl of running."
A crowd gathers at the finish line of the Boston Marathon in Boston for a Sports Illustrated photo shoot before the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, Saturday, April 12, 2014. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)
According to the marathon's website, the event is the second-largest single-day sporting event in terms of on-site media coverage following the Super Bowl.
"I needed to run it again," she said, adding 2013 was her first year competing in Boston.
Hetzel follows a few tips to make sure her race goes well including staying hydrated along the course and wearing a cap to prevent rain and sun from getting into her eyes.
In addition, she said her ideal racing weather is cooler, dry weather.
"The cooler the better," she said. "I run best in the cold and I think it's going to be a good day as long as it's not raining."
The average high in Boston for April 21 is 58 F.
According to Runner's World, runners' shoes melted in the 84-degree heat on race day in 1927. In 1976, temperatures climbed into the mid-90s.

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Good luck to my friend, and American patriot, @BBakerLive who will be running in the Boston Marathon. #SpeedTrumpsTerrorism


Why You Should Run The Boston Marathon (Plus 4 Other Races To Run Before You Die) - #running #travel


Boston: Milder Weather Arrives with Easter Weekend

By , Senior Meteorologist
April 18,2014; 9:02PM,EDT
The recent cool stretch of weather in Boston will depart for Easter weekend.
A milder Saturday is shaping up for Boston despite the passage of a cold front early in the morning. Showers accompanying the front will remain north of Boston.
With the air no longer blowing in from the cold ocean in the front's wake, temperatures will be able to rebound into the lower 60s.
A mixture of sunshine and clouds will compliment the mild air and make Saturday perfect for outdoor Easter festivities.

Temperatures will take a tumble some on Easter Sunday as the wind direction flips around and the air will once again flow in from the cold ocean. Temperatures should still climb into the lower 50s, which is only a few degrees below normal.
Dry weather will hold through Sunday underneath a partly sunny sky, allowing Easter egg hunts and other festivities to go on as scheduled.
Detailed Boston Forecast
Boston Marathoners Excited by Ideal Forecast for 'Super Bowl of Running'
Forecast Temperature Maps

Residents and visitors will need their jackets for Easter sunrise services as temperatures dip into the 30s. Subfreezing temperatures will have some suburbs really shivering.

The roller coaster ride for temperatures will continue for Patriots' Day on Monday with a high of near 60 F expected. The day will also feature rain-free and partly sunny conditions.

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Breaking: Rain Spreads Across the South
Heavy rain is moving into Tampa and strong storms could impact Miami later today.
Cory Mottice
A M6.8 #earthquake just occurred 46 miles southwest of Arawa, Papua New Guinea.

Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake in Southwest Mexico

By Samantha-Rae Tuthill, Staff Writer
April 18,2014; 9:00PM,EDT
A magnitude 7.2 earthquake shook land 23 miles from Tecpan de Galeana, north of Acapulco, in Mexico at 8:27 a.m. local time.
No injuries have been reported as of 11 a.m. EDT.

The event was recorded by a seismologist and reportedly lasted for about 30 seconds.
According to the USGS, "Mexico is one of the world's most seismically active regions." This is because it sits atop three large tectonic plates, the movement of which causes the earthquakes and occasional volcanic eruptions for the country.
Mexico Forecast Center
Earthquake 'Autopsy' Helps Shine Light on Aftershocks
BREAKING: Deadliest Avalanche in Everest History Kills 12

Aftershocks are expected to continue in the coming days. The National Weather Service's Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has declared that there is no widespread or destructive tsunami expected from this quake.
Aftershocks will not be as strong as the initial quake. Seismologists warn to be on the lookout for fires, as they are the greatest threat following an earthquake.

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7.5 magnitude earthquake just hit 164 miles Southwest of Mexico City. May be a good time to check on family folks..
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Earthquake downgraded to a 7.2 and hit 165 miles southwest of Mexico City. The good news is only minor damage and injuries reported so far.
Magnitude-7.2 earthqua

Penn State Student Builds Disaster Relief Vehicle to Help New Orleans Rebuild

By Kevin Byrne, Staff Writer
April 18,2014; 8:52PM,EDT
See larger image below
It began with a simple idea.
For Aaron Wertman, an architect isn't just someone who designs and builds structures. Rather, an architect is a type of activist, somebody who pursues engagement education through hands-on activity.
Wertman, a 24-year-old working towards his masters of architecture degree at Penn State University, has long had a keen interest in displaced populations and responses to natural disasters.
Now, he is intending to put his beliefs and interests to good use.
For his thesis project, Wertman is transforming a tow-behind mobile home into a sustainable disaster relief vehicle dubbed Apparatus X.
His goal is to complete the renovation of the trailer by this August, when Wertman will graduate from Penn State and travel to New Orleans by himself to work with a local nonprofit community organization called the Lower Ninth Ward Village.
"I believe in starting work in a place that really needs it," Wertman said.
A computer rendering of Apparatus X. (Photo/Aaron Wertman)
This August will mark the nine-year anniversary since Hurricane Katrina made landfall in New Orleans as a Category 3 Hurricane.
And although nearly a decade has passed, and relief has come in many different forms, there is still plenty of rebuilding that needs to be done in the city, specifically the Lower Ninth Ward, which was one of the hardest-hit areas during Katrina.
In 2000, the U.S. Census reported the population in the Lower Ninth Ward at slightly more than 14,000. The 2010 U.S. Census reported the population at 2,842 residents.
Recent reports organized by the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center indicate that neighborhoods in New Orleans have seen increases in population since the 2010 census--even in the Lower Ninth Ward. Yet, out of 72 neighborhoods in the city, it still remains one of only three to have less than half the population it had prior to Katrina.
Wertman didn't target New Orleans solely for its displaced population, but also because the city has suffered from a variety of long-term issues.
After visiting the Lower Ninth Ward last summer, Wertman wasn't surprised with the amount of rebuilding that is needed but felt frustrated nevertheless.
"It's been eight years and the community is still kind of in shambles as a result of Hurricane Katrina," Wertman said.
Working alongside Wertman has been core group of about 20 students from the engineering and architecture schools at Penn State.
Conceptually, Apparatus X is designed into three zones: a live zone, a work zone and a flex zone.
The live space is a micro-living unit with the basic amenities such as a bed, shower, propane stove and bathroom.
The flex space is the middle portion of the trailer which serves as a social space and a place for collaboration between the response team and the community. The space is valuable because it provides additional workspace or living space when needed.
The work space, complete with a tooling area, tool storage and work table is the most expandable part of the trailer because it needs to have ample space in order to turn a parking lot or any open area into a work yard at a moment's notice.
(Photo/Aaron Wertman)
While construction on the vehicle continues to progress, production of Apparatus X has seen its fair share of delays, due to Mother Nature.
One hindrance was the severe winter weather that plagued State College as well as a majority of the country. The project is based outdoors and there is no indoor workplace that the team could have moved the trailer.
Time that could've been used for welding and metal work or simply to repurpose older materials was lost.
"Obviously we can't work when it's raining or wet," Wertman said. "The fact that the project is outside was a challenge."
While Wertman and his team have received funding from corporate sponsors such as IBM and Boeing, they are still short of the desired $15,000 they hope to reach by May 2. The team has set up a donation page explaining the project.
"It's coming down to the time where all of the systems have to come together and all of the materials have to be purchased and funding is still... we're still a little worried about that," he said.
The intention is for Apparatus X to be completely self-sustaining. Due to this, the team has spent a fair amount of time on climactic research in the area for solar power potential and rainwater collection. Wertman said four of the students, who are participating in a capstone project, have researched rain-water levels for its water purification system.
Normal rainfall for August is around 5.92 inches in New Orleans and the monthly average year-round is 5.20 inches, so Wertman determined it is likely other water sources will be necessary. Of course, August also has the propensity to see more tropical storms and hurricanes.
The Atlantic Hurricane season typically runs from June 1 to Nov. 30. Based on the early climate forecast, there are signs that the area from the Gulf Coast of New Orleans stretching up through the Atlantic Ocean to the Carolinas could be slightly more vulnerable. However, it's too early for anything conclusive.
"It's impossible to know for sure whether a specific coastal site is going to be impacted by a tropical storm or hurricane," said Senior Meteorologist Dan Kottlowski.
Kottlowski added that while this season will be characterized as below normal in terms of the number of storms, all it takes is one to cause a tremendous amount of damage.
In the event that a hurricane would make landfall while he is in the area this summer, Wertman said the first line of defense would be the vehicle's mobility, and he would move to a safer location. If he weren't able to leave before a storm would hit, he said he's considering an anchoring mechanism.
Atlantic Hurricane and Tropical Storm Center
After a Disaster: Twelve Unexpected Things Victims Need
Five Essential Safety Steps to Take Before Severe Weather Hits

While Apparatus X will eventually be donated to the community center, Wertman will still stay invested in the project even after he leaves New Orleans.
Long term, Wertman hopes that New Orleans is just the start. Currently, he views Apparatus X as more of prototype and that there can be many of these types of vehicles used in disaster relief situations around the country.
He hopes that things will go well enough to potentially pitch ideas for new response vehicles to large RV manufacturers or government organizations such as FEMA.
"I don't think that it ends at New Orleans," Wertman said. "I think it's the beginning of an idea, and that it's the first version of this type of vehicle."

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Breaking: Rain Spreads Across the South
Heavy rain is moving into Tampa and strong storms could impact Miami later today.
Cory Mottice
A M6.8 #earthquake just occurred 46 miles southwest of Arawa, Papua New Guinea.

World Weather Hot Spot for April 18-19,2014 from

Lambarene,Gabon: Torrential rain;received over a whopping 14 inches of rain in 24 hours starting Thursday morning (April 17-19,2014)

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Coffee Springs,Alabama: Heavy rain

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On Easter weekend back in 1976, there was an intense early season heat wave over much of the Northeast. High temperatures in the low to mid-90s occurred from Boston to Baltimore. It reached 96 degrees in New York City.

National Temperature and Rainfall Extremes for April 18,2014 from

As of 3AM,EDT/12AM,PDT,April 19,2014

Daily U.S. Extremes

past 24 hours

  Extreme Location
High 97° Death Valley, CA
Low Crane Lake, MN
Precip 5.08" Ozark, AL