Monday, June 5, 2017

Heavy, gusty storms to roll across northeastern US into Monday

By Alex Sosnowski, AccuWeather senior meteorologist
June 5,2017, 8:26:40AM,EDT
 Strong thunderstorms and soaking rain targeting the eastern Great Lakes and I-95 corridor of the mid-Atlantic can pack a punch for travelers and outdoor activities into Monday.
A vigorous storm system that triggered severe thunderstorms over the Upper Midwest late on Saturday will converge on the Northeast to start the new week.
People should keep an eye out for changing weather conditions as they travel on the highway, attend ballgames or spend a day fishing on the lake. The downpours and gusty winds can occur with little notice.
On Monday, a complex situation will unfold across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic with soaking rain and strong thunderstorms putting a damper on the day.
Soaking rain that developed across Tennessee and Kentucky on Sunday night will spread to the southern mid-Atlantic on Monday, grazing Washington, D.C. and Baltimore from the south.
"The rain is expected to drop a general 1 to 2 inches with locally higher amounts," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski said. "There can be isolated flash flooding with many more disruptions to travelers and those with outdoor plans."
Static Heavy Rain Monday

Motorists will face reduced visibility and water ponding on stretches of I-64, I-81 and I-95 will heighten the risk of vehicles hydroplaning. Airline passengers should prepare for possible delays.
The rain can come down hard enough and fast enough to overwhelm storm drains and result in incidents of urban flooding.
South of the heaviest rain, gusty thunderstorms will threaten the corridor from Richmond, Virginia, to Raleigh, North Carolina, in the afternoon.
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Another zone of strong thunderstorms will erupt Monday afternoon from central New York to the upper Ohio River Valley. This includes from Syracuse, New York, to Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, Ohio.
Some of the thunderstorms will produce gusty winds, torrential downpours and hail.
As is the case into Sunday evening, thunderstorm winds in a few cases Monday can be strong enough to break tree limbs and cause sporadic power outages.
NE Monday June 4

"All thunderstorms will keep anyone with outdoor plans on edge for possible delays or postponements," Pydynowski said. "As soon as thunder is heard, the risk of being struck by lightning is present."
Chilly air flowing in from the Atlantic Ocean will prevent New England from facing the strong thunderstorms, but will result in cloudy, damp and dreary conditions.
"Following highs of near 70 F in Boston this weekend, temperatures will be held to the 50s on Monday with AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures struggling to climb out of the 40s," Pydynowski said.
"Temperatures, both actual and RealFeels, may be 10 degrees lower on Tuesday in Boston as the storm sits stubbornly over the Northeast, leading to continued wet and unsettled weather."
Daily bouts of showers and thunderstorms are likely not to depart the northeastern U.S. until later this week.
Looking ahead to early next week, there are signs of an upcoming change in the weather pattern that will yield the hottest weather since mid-May in the Northeast and Midwest.

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