Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Beijing: Heat returns this week following rainy spell

By Eric Leister, AccuWeather meteorologist
June 27,2017, 6:58:20AM,EDT
April-like temperatures and heavy rain last week have been replaced by uncomfortable heat and humidity across Beijing and northeastern China this week.
Temperatures will soar into the middle to upper 30s C (middle to upper 90s F) across Beijing and Tianjin through at least Saturday.
While a high of 31 C (88 F) is more common this time of year, the heat will especially be noticed by residents following the recent cool and wet days.
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A slow-moving storm system held highs on Thursday and Friday to 22 C (72 F) as 103 mm (4.07 inches) of rain poured down.
Normal rainfall for the entire month of June in Beijing is only 79 mm (3.10 inches).
High pressure will settle over the Yellow Sea this week pumping hot and humid air throughout northeastern China.
The heat arrived on Monday and Tuesday as the temperature reached 35 C (95 F) in Beijing. The hottest weather conditions will occur in Beijing on Friday when temperatures will approach 37 C (99 F).
Afternoon sunshine and elevated humidity will make it feel even hotter. Anyone outside should seek shade and stay hydrated to avoid any heat-related illnesses.
China Weather Center
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Detailed Beijing weather forecast

There could be isolated thunderstorms that fire up each afternoon across the provinces of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Shanxi. However, most places are expected to remain dry, hot and muggy.
The air quality will suffer due to the heat expected this week. It will be very poor at times, especially during the afternoon.
Temperatures could fall back closer to normal levels by early next week.

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