Friday, June 23, 2017

Germany: Weekend cooling trend to give way to strong midweek storms

By Faith Eherts, AccuWeather meteorologist
June 23,2017, 10:27:59AM,EDT
A welcome period of more seasonable conditions will grace Germany this weekend before the risk of stronger thunderstorms returns around the middle of next week.
The shift away from the recent dry heat was obvious on Thursday as strong storms ravaged the country, resulting in dangerous weather conditions but also a refreshing drop in temperatures.
Strong winds and reported tornadoes within storms toppled trees and disrupted travel throughout central and northern Germany.
The thunderstorms have been blamed for two deaths. One man was killed in his car from a falling tree while waiting out a storm in a parking lot. Another man fatally crashed into a downed tree.

“Cooler air will follow in the wake of the storms following several days of extreme heat across parts of the country,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Eric Leister.
In Berlin, temperatures fell from 27 to 17 C (81 to 63 F) in just a couple of hours as storms swept through on Thursday afternoon.
Temperatures will continue to trend downward through this weekend, leading to highs of 17-22 C (63-71 F) from Bremen to Hamburg and Berlin and 24-26 C (75-79 F) in Stuttgart and Munich.
Germany Sunday June 23

After temperatures soared to 29-34 C (84-94 F) across Germany earlier this week, the upcoming influx of more seasonable conditions will feel refreshingly cool.
Residents of northern Germany will be replacing shorts and tank tops with light jackets as a brisk wind will create even lower AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures, especially when clouds are blocking out the sun.
Monday’s forecast high temperature of 27 C (80 F) for Frankfurt is above average, but will feel pleasant to many compared to Thursday’s 35 C (95 F).
“The shift to seasonable temperatures will be accompanied by more unsettled weather as well,” said AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys.
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Showers will dampen parts of northern and central Germany into Monday with a few thunderstorms erupting daily near the Alps.
“The dangerous storms such as those that occurred on Thursday aren’t expected,” Roys said.
Many areas are running below average on precipitation for the month so far, including Dusseldorf, Munich and Dresden.
The upcoming stretch of showery conditions will be welcomed by those plagued by the recently dry and hot pattern.
Germany midweek June 23
Shower and thunderstorm activity is likely to further increase toward the middle of next week. As warmer and more humid air also pours in, the threat for stronger thunderstorms may also return.
Worse than ruining outdoor plans, the thunderstorms could become strong enough to cause more damage and endanger residents.
Additional bouts of showers and thunderstorms may follow into next weekend.

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