Monday, May 22, 2017

Record-breaking heat poised to bake the West Coast

By Faith Eherts, AccuWeather meteorologist
May 22,2017, 1:06:20PM,EDT
Temperatures will soar across the western United States early this week, surpassing even late-summer heat levels.
The recent period of dry weather in many Western cities will make it easier for heat to build in the region.
“A large area of high pressure will transport some of the warmest air since last summer across the West Coast early this week,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Rathbun said. “Records will be challenged from Washington to California.”
Heat May 21

“Seattle could have its first 80 F day since last August [on Monday],” Rathbun said.
Farther south, hotter weather will challenge higher heat records.
“Portland, Oregon, could break 90 F for the first time since August,” Rathbun said. The city will challenge Monday's record high of 95 F from 2001.
Even in late July and August, normal temperatures only peak in the middle and upper 70s in Seattle and the lower 80s in Portland.
NW records May 21 am

Monday’s record high to beat is 100 F in Sacramento, California; the forecast high in the upper 90s will come close.
Residents looking to beat the heat can head to the beaches, where a cooling effect from the Pacific Ocean will prevent temperatures from significantly soaring.
While the century mark is not uncommon in the Central Valley of California in the summertime, these conditions will be the hottest of the season thus far.
Residents must take precautions to enjoy the heat and sunshine responsibly.
The sun angle is currently similar to that of late July, making for a very high UV index and increased threat of sunburns.
These signs indicate a serious sunburn that requires medical attention
Tick season becoming dangerous this summer
More than just a pretty picture: The science behind stunning sunsets

Reapplying sunscreen regularly, wearing protective clothing and limiting time spent in direct sunlight can greatly decrease the chances of a bad sunburn.
Heat exhaustion is also a dangerous side-effect of the upcoming weather pattern.
“Anyone doing strenuous outdoor activities across central California should take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water,” Rathbun said.
While the heat will be most extreme in the lower elevations, the unusual warmth will lead to rapid snowmelt in the mountains, according to AccuWeather Meteorologist Jim Andrews.

"The melting snow will cause rivers flowing out of the Sierra Nevada to rise," Andrews said. "The Walker River near Mason, Nevada, is expected to reach major flood stage later this week."
For those looking to dip into the streams and rivers to beat the heat should find other means of cooling down.
"Most rivers flowing out of the Sierra and across the Pacific Northwest are either flowing too fast due to melting snow or are too cold to enter," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski said. "There is a risk of cold water shock."
The heat is expected to break after only a few days, providing relief to the baking West Coast.
“A storm will begin to cool the West down by the middle of the week, especially across the Pacific Northwest,” Andrews said.

Lisa Ann Hughs
climate change !!!
Terry Sheerin
A lot of those homes in WA and Oregon were built without a/c because it never got that warm.....last few summers that's not the case.....whew
Barb Lathrop ·
" perfect weather" California is once again not perfect.
Pam McCutcheon ·
Bring it to Kansas! You wouldn't know it's late May here it's so chilly!
Lori L Riffel
Better them than us!
Suzanne Holman- Hannigan ·
Great that mean it will be coming our way on the east side.. Yuck
Clarisse Ediss ·
Spring in Palm Springs!!!! 🌴🌵😎😍
Bonni Parker ·
Works at Self-Employed
From my friend in Rocklin, California: "Get out your frying pan and eggs. Cook 'em outside - you don't have to stay in the house."
Larry Sager
Yikes...summer is on its way to the USA.
Alice Frame ·
That's us just belo the 100sign. Thw large indent on the coast.
Joshua Willis
Sigh... i have to work in it in Sacramento area tomorrow
Maria Fisher
No working a/c in vehicle, or about to be no more MH to stay in, and barely cool in the few places here without shopping.
Francine Picillo ·
no it wont destroy our dam!!!! just cause possible stream flooding-water rescuss from people being careless but wont destroy!!!
Rusty Allen ·
Good their turn!!! I have been sweltering here in the southeast for the better part of 16 months. Welcome to the party!!!
Gary Lynn Bailey
Where was this when we were there.
Instead of the rain.
Kenny Bennett
Fry those progressives up!
Kelly Ibberson ·
Erin Campbell Zoe Campbell Going to need that suncream in a few weeks time! #Hothothot ☉☉☉
Zoe Campbell
Nooo!! I'll need to put inches thick sun cream on!!!!!
Like · Reply · May 21, 2017 1:33pm
Kelly Ibberson ·
Factor 50 😂 xx
Like · Reply · May 21, 2017 2:23pm
Kris Boswell ·
There is so much snow on Donners Pass a heat wave like this will destroy that failings dam in Cali
Joey Kramer
Not again if forest fires 🔥
Sue Lowe Schneider ·
Could we please see this on the Upper East coast 😫😫
Chris Row ·
Many times this will impact the East coast a week or so later.
Like · Reply · May 21, 2017 1:19pm
Jean Pierre Petit ·
Les youtubers will roast and their dogs too!
Andrew Baker
That's about 37c
Grace Stalcup ·
100º in Phoenix might be a welcome cooling trend, and not too unusual for Sacramento either.
Prabash Paul
I want more Rainy
Sheila Johnson
Sarah Hoppe
Baked is absolutely correct!!!! 😥 🔥🌞
Like · Reply · May 21, 2017 12:56pm

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