Saturday, May 27, 2017

Warmest days so far this year to bake Germany Sunday, Monday

By Kristina Pydynowski, AccuWeather senior meteorologist
May 27,2017, 10:52:09AM,EDT
Many communities in Germany will experience their warmest days so far this year on Sunday and Monday as summerlike warmth surges back.
As the high pressure that made for a pleasant Ascension Day on Thursday shifts eastward, the door will open for a resurgence of summerlike warmth this weekend.
Residents will be pulling shorts and short-sleeved shirts back out of their closets and cranking up fans.
Germany 5/27

Sunscreen and sunglasses will also be a necessity for anyone planning to attend outdoor activities on Sunday or Monday.
Even though more clouds will filter overhead on Sunday, there will still be enough sunny breaks to put residents at risk for a sunburn.
Sunday will turn out to be very warm and could rival the warmest day so far this year with widespread highs of 27-31 C (80-87 F). Parts of the lower Rhine River Valley will even approach 32 C (90 F).
Temperatures typically only peak at 22-24 C (lower to middle 70s F) in the middle of summer.
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Interactive Germany radar
2017 Germany summer forecast: Frequent episodes of thunderstorms to fuel severe weather, flash flooding

Hamburg may record a high of 27 C (81 F) for the first time this year.
Sunday’s increase in clouds will be accompanied by a turn to more humid conditions in western areas.
That will set the stage for thunderstorms to erupt in the northwest as a cold front dips southward. The thunderstorms may unleash locally blinding downpours. Isolated flash flooding may briefly plague a few urban and poor drainage areas.
While outdoor plans may be disrupted, thunderstorms are considered nature's air conditioners and will cut into the warmth. Communities from Cologne and Dortmund to Hamburg will be threatened by these storms.

The front will also prevent northern Schleswig-Holstein and coastal Lower Saxony from turning as warm as the rest of the country on Sunday.
The front is likely to trim more of the warmth from far northern Germany on Monday, while temperatures in central and southern areas soar well above the highest readings recorded so far this year.
Highs are expected to be within a degree of 30 C (86 F) from Berlin to Nuremberg and Munich. The warmest day in the latter two cities has been within a degree of 27 C (81 F) so far this year.
The number of communities approaching or reaching 32 C (90 F) will increase from North Rhine-Westphalia to the lower Rhine River Valley. This includes in Cologne, which may experience its hottest May day since 2005.
While these days will still be warmer than normal to close out May, an increase in clouds and thunderstorms will work to trim the warmth in central and southern Germany on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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