Tuesday, May 2, 2017

First weekend of May to feel like fall in northeastern US

By Renee Duff, AccuWeather meteorologist
May 2,2017, 3:03:15PM,EDT
 Chilly, fall-like air will be accompanied by rain and snow showers across the northeastern United States this weekend.
The air will turn cool enough for heaters, blankets, sweatshirts and thick jackets to be needed once again. Enough of a chill will settle in place for a frost to occur in some locations.
Temperatures will average 5 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit below normal, and will be more typical of March or November.
“After a record warm April in many locations throughout the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, the first weekend of May will provide a stark contrast to April’s summerlike heat,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Kyle Elliott said.
A storm that will first douse the region with soaking rain and thunderstorms late this week will put on the brakes this weekend. Chilly air will be funneled southward on the back side of the storm.
Static NE Rainstorm 3pm

“The storm will virtually stall out over northern New England through Sunday, allowing the chilly air to push the entire way to the Interstate-95 corridor and southern mid-Atlantic,” Elliott said.
Temperatures will fail to exceed the 40s to middle 50s F over interior areas by Sunday. Highs will be closer to the 60-degree mark along the mid-Atlantic and southeastern New England coasts.
Brisk winds will result in AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures 5 to 10 degrees lower than the actual temperature.
Cool 1st May weekend Northeast

Rain and snow showers will be triggered as the storm sits and spins overhead.
“Snow can fall across the West Virginia, western Maryland and southwestern Pennsylvania mountains on Friday night into Saturday,” AccuWeather Lead Long-Range Meteorologist Paul Pastelok said.
Wet snowflakes can mix in with rain showers elsewhere across the interior Northeast, especially during Saturday night.
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Cloud cover at night will generally act as a blanket and protect most areas against frost into this weekend, even though nighttime temperatures in the coldest areas can dip into the middle 30s.
An exception may be in the normally cold spots of northern Pennsylvania and central New York state on Wednesday night, where a bit of frost can occur.
Those hoping for the return of warm weather will be out of luck anytime soon as chilly conditions are expected to persist into next week.
"During next week, there will be a few occasions where frost can occur from interior New England to the interior of the northern mid-Atlantic states, when skies become clear and winds diminish at night," Pastelok said. "This includes areas as far south as northern Virginia."
Those who have planted flowers and vegetation should be prepared take precautions to protect sensitive plants. Simple steps such as covering plants or bringing them indoors can keep them shielded from the potentially damaging effects of the chill.
“It is quite possible that average temperatures in many locations throughout the Northeast end up lower in May than those recorded in April,” Elliott said.
Near- to above-average warmth may not to return to the region until during the second half or latter part of May.

Matt Monahan ·
Horrible. Another lost month. Spring in New England is the worst. Every year I say I am gonna move but this might be the year.
Anders Updale ·
Could NYC see a big warmup with highs in the 80's and humid conditions by the end of May?
Joe Poggiogalle-Poggs
I prefer a chill in the air
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Mark Charles Schulze ·
I live in Cortland, NY, hopfully the snow will stay away.
John Hummer ·
This assessment is a repeat of May 2016 by n large, only difference is April 2016 was very chilly if not COLD in the east.
Vance May ·
Goodbye spring, we'll miss u for a while :'(

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