Monday, April 24, 2017

Major Warm-Up Expected in Northeast Late Week into This Weekend; First 90-Degree Day Possible in Washington D.C.

Brian Donegan
Published: April 24,2017

The Northeast will enjoy a taste of summer late this week into the weekend and some cities, including Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, could record their first 90-degree day of the year.
The jet stream will bulge northward into eastern Canada to allow a warm, southerly wind flow to develop across the East, which will send temperatures to the warmest readings of the year so far in parts of the region.
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The warmth will begin to build in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic Wednesday, but by Thursday it will feel summery as highs reach the 80s from western and central New York into Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina.
These temperatures are 15 to 30 degrees above average for the final week of April.

Forecast Highs Compared to Average Thursday
A handful of record highs may be challenged Thursday afternoon, including Buffalo (84 degrees) and Rochester, New York (86 degrees).

Friday Through Sunday

Friday through the weekend will remain summerlike across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, with the warmth likely reaching its peak Saturday afternoon.
(FORECAST: Baltimore | Buffalo | Boston)
  • Highs in the 70s are expected in much of the Northeast and Ohio Valley, with 80-plus-degree temperatures dominating the mid-Atlantic.
  • These numbers are generally 10 to 20 degrees above average for the date.
  • Widespread highs in the 80s are likely from New York City southward into the mid-Atlantic, with temperatures holding in the 70s across much of New England.
  • Washington D.C. may record its first 90-degree day of the year Saturday, which would be nearly three weeks earlier than the average date of this milestone – May 17. The earliest 90-degree reading for the nation's capital is March 22.
  • Philadelphia could also reach 90 degrees for the first time this year on Saturday. This would be almost four weeks earlier than the average date of the first 90-degree day, May 24, but it has occurred as early as April 7.
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Forecast Highs
Record highs will be threatened Saturday afternoon, including in Washington D.C. (91 degrees); Raleigh, North Carolina (91 degrees); Philadelphia (90 degrees); Allentown, Pennsylvania (86 degrees); Lynchburg, Virginia (88 degrees); Roanoke, Virginia (89 degrees); Charleston, West Virginia (90 degrees); Huntington, West Virginia (87 degrees) and Beckley, West Virginia (85 degrees).
  • Much of New England and upstate New York will return closer to average, with highs mainly in the 60s.
  • The Interstate 95 corridor from Philadelphia to Washington D.C. could again reach 90 degrees Sunday afternoon.
  • Additional record highs may be challenged in portions of the mid-Atlantic.
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Low temperatures Thursday through this weekend will also be well above average. Most of New England and New York state will have lows in the 50s, while the mid-Atlantic won't even drop out of the 60s.
Some of the urban heat islands, such as Baltimore and Washington D.C., may not drop below 70 degrees Saturday, Sunday or Monday mornings.

How Warm Has April Been in the Mid-Atlantic?

Most of the mid-Atlantic has seen a top-5 warmest April so far, and the warmth later this week will only reinforce this fact.
As of Sunday, it was the warmest April on record in Washington D.C. with an average temperature of 62.4 degrees, according to the Southeast Regional Climate Center (SERCC).
Richmond, Virginia, was tied for its warmest April on record through Sunday, with an average temperature of 62.5 degrees.
Baltimore and Philadelphia had each recorded their third-warmest April on record as of Sunday, the SERCC data shows.
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