Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Typhoon Talim to strike Taiwan, eastern China with damaging winds and flooding

By Jordan Root, AccuWeather meteorologist
September 12,2017, 11:21:16AM,EDT
A strengthening tropical system is taking aim at Taiwan and eastern China during the second half of this week and will track towards Japan over the weekend.
Talim is currently a typhoon about 400 miles east of Taiwan. Further intensification is expected as Talim tracks to the northwest towards Taiwan through late Wednesday.
“Favorable environmental conditions along the path of Talim will allow the typhoon to become very intense before nearing Taiwan,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Adam Douty said.
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Warm water will provide the fuel for Talim to strengthen over the coming days. Wind shear, which is the change in wind speed and direction at different levels of the atmosphere, will also be favorable for proper venting of the system.
Wind and rain will begin to increase across northern Taiwan late Wednesday as Talim approaches from the east. The most intense rain and wind across this area will occur Wednesday night into Thursday as Talim’s center passes just to the north of Taiwan.
Talim will then make a close pass to eastern China Thursday and Friday.
"Taiwan and eastern China will receive glancing blows from Talim as it turns north and then northeast," AccuWeather Meteorologist Adam Douty said.
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Heavy rain and gusty winds will still batter these areas, and residents will need to be on alert for dangerous conditions.
Rainfall of 75 to 150 mm (3 to 6 inches) will be possible across northern Taiwan, including Taipei, which will lead to isolated flooding. Localized higher amounts of up to 300 mm (12 inches) will be possible across the higher terrain of Taiwan.
Similar amounts are expected near the coasts of Zhejiang and Fujian in eastern China.
Any downed trees and road washouts can lead to travel disruptions well after the storm leaves the area.
Residents will need to watch out for mudslides which could be triggered by the heavy rain.
Shanghai will likely be brushed with some wind and rain Thursday night and Friday, but the worst conditions will remain offshore.
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Rough seas are expected around Talim over the next few days as the system stirs the East China Sea. Shipping interests in the area will need to reroute around the storm.
Talim is expected to remain over water and far enough from land that additional strengthening may occur towards the end of the week as the system curves to the northeast.
Talim is likely to be steered into Japan over the weekend and could deliver a severe blow of wind and rain to Kyushu, Shikoku and parts of Honshu.
"Given the current forecast track, the most significant impacts from Talim are expected to be across southern Japan," Douty said.
"The fast movement of the storm across Japan will help to limit significant flooding, but in excess of 250 mm (10 inches) of rain in some areas could still lead to life-threatening flash flooding," Douty said.
The track of Talim over the weekend would spare South Korea of any rain and wind.
Residents and those with interest in Japan should continue monitoring the progression of Talim over the next few days.

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