Sunday, July 30, 2017

UK: Rounds of showers, cool air to keep sustained warmth at bay into August

By Eric Leister, AccuWeather meteorologist
By Robert Richards, AccuWeather meteorologist
July 30,2017, 11:19:40AM,EDT
Summer warmth has vanished from the United Kingdom since the middle of the month and is not expected to return anytime soon.
A persistent weather pattern featuring storms from the Atlantic impacting the U.K. will result in frequent rainfall and shots of cool air into next week.
Anyone hoping for a heat wave is going to be greatly disappointed as near- to below-normal temperatures will prevail through the first half of August.

In the short term, temperatures will generally range between 16 and 21 C (60 and 70 F) across the country with the highest temperatures expected across London and South East England into this weekend.
Along with the below-normal temperatures, there will be numerous rounds of showers and gusty winds.
This combination will result in it feeling more like early autumn than the middle of summer.
Showers are expected to continue across the country on Sunday.
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This unsettled weather pattern will persist through next week with additional rounds of rain and no lasting warmth. While most of the rain will likely be off to the east by then, another storm will move in for midweek, bringing renewed spells of steadier rain.
In the longer range, some spells of warmer weather will be possible during the second half of August; however, heat wave conditions are not expected.

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