Sunday, June 11, 2017

Severe storms to unleash damaging winds, hail across northern US through early this week

By Jordan Root, AccuWeather meteorologist
June 11,2017, 3:01:44PM,EDT
 Rounds of severe thunderstorms will strike the northern United States through early this week as an unusually potent Pacific storm slowly heads east.
Showers and thunderstorms will ignite across the Northwest through Sunday night in response to the Pacific storm moving over the region.
While widespread severe weather is not expected, some of the showers and thunderstorms could bring locally damaging winds, small hail and downpours that could lead to flooding.
However, the greater risk for strong storms will be found across the northern Plains and Upper Midwest through early this week as advancing chill from the West collides with hot air in place.
Several thunderstorms tracked across North Dakota on Friday evening with one storm producing a wind gust over 100 mph near Rugby, North Dakota, according to a National Weather Service trained spotter.
Additional rounds of strong storms will be found across parts of the North Central states with the bulk of the activity during the late afternoon and evening hours.
These storms will turn severe, possibly producing damaging wind gusts that could bring down tree limbs or create hazardous driving on local roadways. Hail and blinding downpours can also accompany the storms.
Monday severe weather June 11
Those with outdoor plans in this area will want to pay close attention to weather reports to avoid being caught outside in a thunderstorm.
If thunder is heard, you are likely within striking distance of the storm and should seek shelter inside. Once you are inside, make sure to avoid being near windows.
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Summer heat to surge into northeastern US starting this weekend
Intense heat to spread across central US through next week

“This powerful storm system will be the driving force for thunderstorms late Monday across Wyoming and eastern Montana into the Dakotas,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Bill Deger said.
Warm and moist Gulf air will be pulled northward from this emerging storm system and will provide more fuel for thunderstorm development as it clashes with cool and dry Canadian air to the north.
As a result, storms early next week will be more widespread and stronger, increasing the danger to lives and property.
Tuesday severe weather update June 11
The threat will expand slightly eastward by Tuesday, but the Dakotas and Minnesota will once again in the bull's-eye for severe weather.
“Some of these storms early next week could turn quite feisty as they roll east across the Plains,” Deger said.
At this point, damaging winds, large hail and downpours are the greatest threats but the threat for tornadoes will have to be monitored.
Residents in this area will want to keep track of the forecast going forward to be ready for the potential for dangerous storms.
Severe weather outside of the northern U.S. will be limited as a ridge of high pressure remains in control. The northern bulge of this ridge will continue to prevent storm systems from dipping farther south across the Plains.

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